Dr. Stunny Pharouk Starzmann


OUIJA CRAFT SORASOR Indian Wave Tranquilizer © ® Spray-On Wave Relaxer Shampoo

Chemical Acid Sulphur Relaxers are bullshit! They contain turpentine and aggressive sulphurs that make any hair thirsty, brittle, and stiff! That's why Orientals with kinky hair don't use them. Oriental men prefer a spray-on hair-tranquilizer © ® that does the job in 20 minutes flat on the go.

DESTROY White American Hair Products for Black exotic People! All American relaxers and shampoos are a racist joke, that abuse the natural desire for styleable long Black hair. Most commercial hair relaxers are detractive and strip the protective outer shield of the hair-cuticle, thus making your hair nothing but a dry wad of flimsy chaff. If somebody told you the TRUTH about Chemistry, would you believe that Blacks and Indians have virtually the same hair? They do!

Many Arabians, Palestinians, Felaks, Indians, Indios and Melanesian people have Pharaonic African bouffant curl but use a Sudanese latherless sud tranquillizer instead of an acrid acid lather-shampoo or relaxer. They don't use commercial white acid weapons on their hair. Tight and dense Afro curl is called "Apharic hair" and can do anything – even flow down your back. GOD gave Blacks thick lush versatile African bouffant wave as a premise for "outstandingly lush luxuriant and resilient" wave patterns we call "Ocean-Asian Ripple". When hair is not attacked with an astringent or nitrate it is allowed to grow long. Soft latherless hair tranquilizers © ® rubberise and soften the body of the hair shaft and make it receptive for hair oils. Asians and Sudanese only use coco-nut oil in their hair. The outer cuticle layer is never damaged, and this accounts for the high glossy shine that Black hair is historically known to have. Your hair becomes resilient to friction. To make hair elastic, you need a softening infractive treatment and not a detractive acrid acid. - Go Apharic not Barbaric!